When to refer

If you or your child demonstrates one or more of the following you may benefit from seeing a Speech Pathologist.

For children who are:

  • Late to talk.
  • Have early feeding or swallowing problems.
  • Have trouble following directions and require repetition.
  • Have trouble saying their words clearly.
  • Struggling to develop reading and spelling skills.
  • Have difficulty playing at kinder and at school.
  • Have trouble making friends and socialising.
  • Stuttering.

For adults who are:

  • Having difficulty saying sounds and words correctly.
  • Not correctly ordering words or ideas.
  • Not understanding or remembering what they hear.
  • Stuttering, repeating words and sounds when trying to talk.
  • Swallowing or feeding difficulties.
  • Voice changes (raspy, hoarse, too soft/loud).

Referral form

Should you wish to refer to Bendigo Speech Works, please download and complete the referral form below.
You can e-mail the form to [email protected]
or post it to Bendigo Speech Works PO Box 299, Strathdale 3550.

Alternatively you can call 03 5443 9912 or 0425 721 257 to make a referral over the phone.

Contact our Speech Pathologist.
No referral needed.