Adult Services

Adult services include assessment and intervention for

  • Disorders associated with progressive neurological conditions and acquired brain injury including stroke.
  • Swallowing difficulties. We can provide services at Bendigo Speech Works, in the home or at aged care facilities.
  • Aphasia (difficulties understanding language or expressing yourself)
  • Apraxia (difficulties with motor planning of the speech muscles)
  • Dysarthria (difficulties using the muscles that help us talk)
  • Voice disorders
  • Stuttering
  • Memory difficulties
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Electronic communication devices for clients with acquired and congenital communication impairments.

Registered provider

  • Bendigo Speech Works is registered to provide therapy services for private patients as well as those who are under the NDIS, DVA, Worksafe, TAC and other funding programs.

Contact our Speech Pathologist.
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